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Watch: This Epically Hilarious Trump Game Of Thrones Spoof Will Make Your Day

Watch: This Epically Hilarious Trump Game Of Thrones Spoof Will Make Your Day

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In this polished parody, scenes from HBO’s smash hit television show, Game of Thrones, are edited to impose Donald Trump’s head on certain characters, saying some of his more abrasive remarks to a comical, if slightly chilling, effect.

The video, titled Winter Is Trumping, opens with the plight of Danerys Targaryen and her starving band as they march through the desert, arriving at the gates of Qarth to beg for food and shelter, which becomes a metaphor for the plight of Syrian refugees as they arrive at a foreign nation to beg for food and shelter from the wastes they have left behind. Unfortunately for them, Trump is waiting: “No. We have a serious problem with radical Islam! We can’t be a stupid country anymore!”

The video then turns to Trump’s desires to build an anti-immigration wall take form in the giant ice wall that seals the Westerosi border from the nomadic “wildlings,” fleeing harsh winter and unnamed horrors in the North. The poignancy of seeing Ser Trump looking down on a crowd of families as the gate is sealed and he speaks of the “big beautiful door” that will only allow legal migration is a very powerful image that truly puts in perspective what a heartless and inhumane idea it really is.

Watch it here:

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