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Five Dead In Mass Shooting As Seattle Man Massacres His Own Family

Five Dead In Mass Shooting As Seattle Man Massacres His Own Family

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Less than twenty-four hours after a man in Hesston, Kansas, murdered three and wounded sixteen others in a workplace shooting, America has been struck with yet another massacre. A man in Seattle, Washington, killed four victims and then himself after a standoff with police officers.

All primary indicators point to the man killing his family before walking out in front of law enforcement and turning the gun on himself. A twelve-year old girl escaped from the scene; two of the victims are children.

Today, President Obama implored the nation to “not become numb” to mass shootings in our nation and asking the media to cover them properly: “As long as I hold this office I’m going to keep on bringing this up, even if it’s not getting the attention that it should. And I wish I didn’t have to keep on talking about it. Lord knows I wish I didn’t have to make these phone calls and comfort families.”

But how can we not, when we literally can’t even go a single day without someone picking up a weapon and brutally slaughtering their friends, family, coworkers, compatriots? Please send your hopes and prayers to the child who got away and now must live with the unimaginable horrors she has seen; and your ballots to Democrats who will promise to do something, anything about this epidemic of senseless violence in our nation.

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