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Watch: Protester Confronts Trump Wearing “KKK Endorses Trump” Shirt

Watch: Protester Confronts Trump Wearing “KKK Endorses Trump” Shirt

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In this clip from Trump’s rally, the Republican frontrunner and noted racist is confronted by a protester dressed in a white suit that reads “KKK endorses Trump,” with a yellow star reminiscent of those that the Nazi Party forced Jews to wear during their rule of Germany. The crowd begins booing and seems on the verge of exploding with violence. The protester is quickly subdued while Trump begins to complain about how in the good old days, law enforcement acted a lot quicker than this.”

Trump was recently endorsed by former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and has collected numerous endorsements from neo-Nazi and white supremacy groups across the country. He has proposed forcing Muslims to wear special IDs, like the Nazis did, and used this incident as an excuse to call for changes to the First Amendment because “political correctness” stopped his security from removing the man quicker. This bizarre and unnerving election is getting weirder by the day, and it’s time we started treating this authoritarian bigot with the seriousness that the threat of Trump deserves.

Watch it here:

h/t to Freak Out Nation

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