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Four Teens Shot By Classmate In Ohio School; 53rd Mass Shooting This Year

Four Teens Shot By Classmate In Ohio School; 53rd Mass Shooting This Year

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America’s epidemic of mass shootings is continuing to accelerate at an alarming rate. It is with great regret that we must inform you that a fourteen-year-old boy shot four of his classmates in the cafeteria of Madison Local high school near Middletown, Ohio with a .380 caliber handgun. Fortunately, none of the victims are in critical condition and all are expected to survive. The shooter is in custody.

It is the 53rd mass shooting (four or more victims) so far this year. Yesterday, five were shot outside of a club in Detroit, Michigan. Three days before that, a man in Hesston, Kansas killed four and injured fourteen in a workplace shooting; that same day, a man in Washington state shot his entire family and then himself.

In a separate incident marking off a particularly bloody day, a fourteen-year-old was found shot dead on a walking path in Greenway, Ohio:

But conservatives continue to argue that we don’t have a gun problem in America. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas opened his mouth to ask a question from the bench for the first time in ten years – to argue that domestic abusers should be allowed to own firearms, despite the research that shows that 57% of mass shootings are related to domestic violence/abuse, or the fact that three women are killed by their domestic abusers every day. With every shooting that occurs, less and less attention is given by the media, which is too busy giving Donald Trump free coverage to cover the daily slaughter of American citizens. We are at a great risk of becoming desensitized to the violence entirely – we cannot allow ourselves to accept gun deaths as simply another part of American society.

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