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NY Court Unanimously Votes To Proceed With Fraud Prosecution Against Trump University

NY Court Unanimously Votes To Proceed With Fraud Prosecution Against Trump University

A New York Appeals Court has unanimously given the go-ahead to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to begin prosecuting Donald Trump and his cronies for the elaborate scam that was “Trump University.” Facing multiple lawsuits from the students he cheated thousands out of, Trump may have to take time off from “campaigning” to appear as a witness in court about the time he set up a scam masquerading as an educational program to defraud 5,000 would-be entrepreneurs and aspiring businessmen out of their hard-earned money. The State of New York isn’t buying Trump’s argument that the statute of limitations has expired, and is intent on punishing Trump for his “deceptive and unlawful practices.”

In keeping with the flagrant narcissism which defines Trump and his “businesses,” it would that Trump attempted to start his own “university” where he would teach students his “investing techniques” and how to get “rich” like him. It is unclear if any of those lessons involved “getting a small loan of a million dollars from your father” – or whether they let the students know that “no major US company has filed for Chapter 11 more than Trump’s casino empire in the last 30 years.”

Indeed, “students” at Trump “University” learned the hard way about how Donald evidently made his fortune- by misrepresentation, extortion, and illegal business practices. UTrump launched in 2005 as an online course; it did not confer degrees or had any certifications and was forced to change its name in 2010 to the the Trump Entrepreneur Initiative because the State of New York found that it was misleading and almost illegal for the scam to call itself a college.

“Today’s decision is a clear victory in our effort to hold Donald Trump and Trump University accountable for defrauding thousands of students” announced a pleased Schneiderman. We must publicize and relentlessly spread the word about how Trump made a fortune by stealing from everyday Americans and refused to pay them back for their losses. It would be a crippling ideological blow to the legitimacy of the Trump campaign if we can dispel this absurd delusion that somehow this billionaire “understands” everyday Americans and emphasizes with their struggles – when he is nothing but a predatory thief and is just as uncaring as the Republican establishment the voters despise so very much.

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