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Republican Ben Stein: Trump is “Dangerous”, I “Admire” Bernie and “Like” Hillary (VIDEO)

Republican Ben Stein: Trump is “Dangerous”, I “Admire” Bernie and “Like” Hillary (VIDEO)

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The dissolution of the Republican Party is well underway as notable pundits and prominent supporters begin considering defection in protest of the Donald Trump circus and the failure of the party establishment to take seriously the threat posed by his divisive ethnonationalist campaign. Ben Stein, a Republican economist, told CNN today that he has been forced to consider voting for a Democrat in light of Trump’s bewildering successes:

“I went to law school with Ms. Clinton so I’ve always had a kind of fondness for her, she was always a very nice young woman. I admire the fact that Bernie Sanders has a single-payer national health plan. When I worked for [President Richard Nixon] as a speechwriter, I wrote the message that sent up Mr. Nixon’s proposal for single-payer health plan. But I would like to see it be a Republican, I’ve never voted for a Democrat. But Mr. Trump, I think, is dangerously misinformed. I like him, but he’s dangerously misinformed.”

Stein is not exactly the most moderate or reasonable man himself, having once said that President Obama is “the most racist President there has ever been” and that the President hated America “because he was part black.” Stein is a symbol not only of the intense dysfunction that put the Republican Party in this position in the first place but also of the party’s rejection of their own voters in favor of perpetuating establishment politics that the people of America have loudly announced they will no longer tolerate.

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