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British Gambling Site Is Now Taking Odds On How Small Trump’s Manhood Is

British Gambling Site Is Now Taking Odds On How Small Trump’s Manhood Is

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Bookies in the United Kingdom, astounded by the puerile and childish display of proverbial dick-waving that was a prominent part of last night’s Republican “debate,” have begun offering bets about how big Donald Trump’s “manhood” actually is, because this is the Internet and you can bet on literally anything.

esteemed site Paddy Power, which offers you the ability to place bet on a huge range of subjects, you too may win a fortune by guessing the size of Trump’s tower – but judging by Trump’s obsession with austentatious luxury, buildings of great size and the need to scrawl his name on everything like an insecure second-grader, his source of eternal frustration and drive to overcompensate is not as impressive as he would like us to believe. Otherwise, why else would he feel the need to defend himself so vehemently against Marco Rubio’s immature cheap shots?

The site has not revealed how they will confirm the measurement.

As amusing as this story is, it represents the lowest point that American politics has ever sunk to. While we all kindof saw this coming, it’s as mark of how absurd this presidential election has been that the general reaction seems to be “of course Trump talked about his penis.” This isn’t politics – it’s entertainment, and while it might make for some excellent television, it reveals a frightening lack of sophistication and concern among American voters, who not only tolerate but celebrate this kind of ridiculous behavior.

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