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FOX Reveals Coward Trump Pulled Out Of Debate With Bernie Due To “Schedule Conflict”

FOX Reveals Coward Trump Pulled Out Of Debate With Bernie Due To “Schedule Conflict”

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Republican front-runner and avowed racist Donald Trump has built his image on delusions of grandeur and a smokescreen of success. He is obsessed with “winning,” to the point that he makes nonsensical statements like “we’re going to win so much you’ll be tired of winning!” which are somehow accepted without question by his fanatical followers. But behind the bravado and the bluster is a very insecure man who is terrified of losing, as he has showed several times in the past.

He disparages the media on a regular basis for “unfairly” demanding some details about how he’d actually implement his impractical and unconstitutional policy proposals; he viciously attacked FOX host Megyn Kelly and withdrew from another FOX debate because he couldn’t handle her questioning. He revealed his utter cowardice once again when news broke that he backed out of a proposed FOX debate with Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders before it could be announced, citing “scheduling conflicts” – perhaps he had a Klan rally to attend, but we suspect there’s another reason.

The debate, before either party had chosen their candidates, would have been a first of its kind in American primary history – something that you would think would appeal to Trump’s insatiable narcissism, but he backed out anyway. Could it be that he was afraid of being challenged by Bernie Sanders, who has a very detailed and sophisticated plan to revolutionize our nation and rebuild the middle class? Perhaps he knew that being able to squeak through the debates by talking about his genitals and bullying weaklings like Jeb Bush wasn’t going to cut it this time. Trump knew that Sanders would expose him for the fraud and the fool that he really is. If he’s so scared of town halls today, he’d better drop out now before he gets publicly eviscerated by whichever candidate the Democrats choose for their nominee. His house of lies and fantasies is going to come crashing down very quickly.

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