Watch: Morning Joe Cuts Off Rick Scott’s Mic For Defending Trump’s Islamophobia

In this clip, Mika Brzezinzski of MSNBC’s Morning Joe cuts off and kicks out Florida Governor Rick Scott – as they rightly should have – when he refuses to condemn Donald Trump’s hateful remarks about Muslim-Americans and then refused to say that Islam does not “hate” America, which is obviously an absurd statement that no elected official should ever be giving credence to.

“Would you tell your friend Donald Trump that he should walk back his statements that Muslims, that Islam, hates America? Do you think Muslims in the state of Florida hate America?” asks host Joe Scarborough. Governor Scott pivots and spews an absurd torrent of talking points – we can easily see where Rubio-Bot got his programming from.

“Well, as you know in Florida, we’re the best melting pot in the world; we love everybody coming to our state. After the Paris bombings, I did ask the federal government to not allow anymore Syrian refugees to come into Florida until we vetted them. I’m still concerned that the federal government is not vetting them, but that’s what my concern is.”

Suddenly filled with a sharp desire to do his job for once, Scarborough actually presses him on the issue, noting that he had utterly sidestepped and that he please answer the question.

Rick Scott gives the same nonsense answer: “So, Joe, what I can tell you is in our state, is we have a lot of Muslims who live in our state, we have a lot of Latin Americans…we love people moving here, we love tourists coming here, we’re a great melting pot…”

Brzezinski, obviously fed up, demands “are you going to answer the question or should you just..

.scoot?” Scott refuses to answer again. “Well I can tell you I’m glad everyone’s in Florida, we’re all doing fine, the debate is going to be really fun tonight.”

The idea that a religion of 1.6 billion people in every nation across the world is inherently directed or indoctrinated to “hate” America is as mindlessly stupid as it is abhorrently offensive – not to mention further evidence of the self-entitled narcissism that alienates other nations and provokes a dangerous overconfidence when it comes to foreign policy. “Islamic terrorism” is not our enemy. The motivators of terrorism, the pressures that drive a man to destroy himself are hunger, fear, thirst, poverty, and ignorance. Those are our true enemies, not another man simply because of his beliefs or his nation of birth – not only abroad but at home. We cannot allow ignorant Republican politicians to keep fanning the flames of Islamophobia for a couple of poll points.

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Colin Taylor

Colin Taylor is the managing editor of Occupy Democrats. He graduated from Bennington College with a Bachelor's degree in history and political science. He now focuses on advancing the cause of social justice and equality in America.