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Cartoonists From 12 Countries Illustrated Trump, And The Results Are Devastatingly Accurate

Cartoonists From 12 Countries Illustrated Trump, And The Results Are Devastatingly Accurate

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POLITICO’s Matt Wuerker recently put together an excellent collection of political cartoons from different nations around the world, showing us in no uncertain terms what they really think of the Donald Trump phenomenon and his descent into fascist rabble-rousing. They’re very funny, but the mirth is tempered by a pervading sense of shame and embarrassment over our failure as a nation to prevent the political situation in this country to descend into such a low-brow carnival of racism and ignorance.  Far from making America great again, he has turned us into an international laughingstock – and we are all complicit. Trump must be stopped if we ever want to be taken seriously again.

Check them out!

Republic of Bulgaria (Република България)



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The United Arab Emirates (الإمارات العربية المتحدة)

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The Netherlands (Nederland):


Commonwealth of Australia:


Republic of Austria (Republik Österreich)





The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية):


Republic of Ireland:



France (Republique Francais):


Great Britain:


Republic of Cuba (República de Cuba):



That’s what our allies and partners around the world think of the front-runner for a major political party.

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