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Republican Voter Fraud: Florida Poll Workers Caught Hiding Democratic Votes In Closet

Republican Voter Fraud: Florida Poll Workers Caught Hiding Democratic Votes In Closet

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In what will be sadly familiar news to Democratic voters, it appears that some Republican cheating has occurred in the Florida primary. A Polk County voting site hid Democratic ballots in a closet, telling voters they could only vote Republican until angry citizens argued and began making calls.

Theresa Wibert of Polk County was shocked to arrive at her polling station only to be handed a Republican ballot – and then told that Democrats couldn’t vote there. “The boss came over and said we could vote for Republicans only,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it. I told them I wasn’t leaving … It sure wasn’t politically correct. We pushed it a little further and the lady called a few people. Finally, she looked in the bottom of a closet and found a box with the Democratic ballots. Then they fixed it, so we were able to vote for our candidate.”

Reports of other such shenanigans have dogged this primary season, from Bill Clinton’s potentially illegal appearances at precincts to multiple votes per person at the GOP Nevada caucuses. All the Republican voter ID laws have only served to prevent people from voting – the fraud still happens anyway. The state of Florida will forever be notorious for cheating in the 2000 election, when Governor Jeb Bush used state resources to illegally help his brother George W. Bush win the election. This election is far too consequential to allow such petty nonsense to take place, and we cannot allow Republicans to cheat their way to the White House once again.



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