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Watch: NBC Catches Trump Being A Lying Coward, Calls Him Out

Watch: NBC Catches Trump Being A Lying Coward, Calls Him Out

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In this clip, Republican-front runner Donald Trump gets caught in a blatant lie – and is then publicly shamed for it. ABC asked Trump what he thought about an ad that showed women reading some of the disgustingly misogynist things that Trump has said about women – like “you’ve got to treat them like s**t” – and Trump told them that he’d seen it and that it was a “Romney deal.” Literally minutes later, he called into NBC and said the exact opposite, saying that he hadn’t seen it.

Trump is somehow convincing his supporters that he is a man of principle and honesty, but this video clearly shows he none of those things. Only by shattering the delusions that his supporters hold about the man can we really strike at Trump’s support – and his gains in the primaries are making that a mission of increasing urgency.

Watch it here:

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