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Watch A Terrorism Expert Slam Trump’s Brussels Response: He’s Helping ISIS To Recruit!

Watch A Terrorism Expert Slam Trump’s Brussels Response: He’s Helping ISIS To Recruit!

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In this clip, Navy veteran and terrorism expert Malcolm Nance (head of the Terrorism Asymmetrics Project) eviscerates Donald Trump for his horrifying remarks after this morning’s tragic bombings in Brussels, Belgium. Speaking to MSNBC, Nance posits that the arrested Daesh (ISIS/ISIL) militant Salah Abdelam had a “stroke of conscience,” since he dumped his suicide vest and his cellphone before allowing himself to be captured. He also points out that it’s basic counterintelligence procedure to isolate cells so that captured members cannot give up information even if put to torture.

Nance then slams Trump for proposing to force the military to commit crimes against humanity again. “We cannot be ordered to commit war crimes. You cannot change the laws to make us dishonor ourselves by committing war crimes. We’ve already gone down that road, and as General Hayden said a few weeks ago, the United States military and the central intelligence organizations, and national intelligence organizations will not carry out these orders again. So all this bluster is not helping us, it’s playing great in [Daesh’s de facto capital] Raqqa, but will not play well in the European Union and it will not play well in the United States.

Good God, they’re probably cutting videos of this right now. Donald Trump right now is validating the cartoonish view that they tell their operatives…that America is a racist nation, xenophobic, anti-Muslim, and that that’s why you must carry out terrorist attacks against them…It’s irresponsible and it needs to stop.”

This is the kind of response that needs to be heard around the world. We may have allowed the neoconservatives of the Bush administration to illegally commit these horrific crimes without the knowledge of the public or the people’s representatives, but we will not allow those same crimes to be committed again. The very idea is a moral stain on the principles of freedom, democracy, and respect for human rights that our nation holds dear.

Watch it here:

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