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Bachmann: God Sent ISIS Brussels Attacks to “Humiliate” Obama

Bachmann: God Sent ISIS Brussels Attacks to “Humiliate” Obama

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In times of senseless violence and unbearable pain, many look to their faith for explanation, reassurance, and redemption. Yesterday’s bombings in Brussels, Belgium, were a manifestation of frustration, pain, and hate in the form of a vortex of blood and steel. It was an abhorrent act of destruction in a city of legendary beauty; targeting the innocent and the vulnerable, a sin of the worst kind.

But equally abhorrent are those who would dare insult the lives lost by twisting their deaths and the pain of their families into a platform to propagate the same kind of religious fanaticism and hatred that inspired the bombings in the first place.

Unfortunately, in America there are no shortage of vicious contenders willing to pick up that mantle. Former Representative and unrepentant religious extremist Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) took to her column at the “WorldNetDaily” to blame the Brussels bombings on President Obama as penance for his “abandonment” of Israel and his successful re-establishment of diplomatic relations with the Republic of Cuba.


Or maybe our president’s humiliation comes in a manner so devastating it makes one wonder whether the Creator of humankind isn’t reminding this world of the inferiority of foolishness in the face of wisdom.

The president once again mocked his nemesis, the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, by cleverly turning the international press corps toward his brilliant work in Cuba, instead of covering ongoing Islamic attacks against the Jewish state as outlined that very same day at the annual pro-Israel AIPAC meeting in Washington, D.C.

History changed less than 24 hours later in the blink of an eye, and the rug was pulled out from under his well-laid plans.

Obama’s slavish press corps was forced to turn their uncritical gaze from adoring him to revealing the newest carnage in Brussels.

Our eyes were spellbound.

The only refutable point here is that President Obama has certainly not “abandoned” the nation of Israel. He just offered them an aid package of $30 billion over the next ten years. Under the government of Benyamin Netanyahu, Israel has begun taking the US-Israeli relationship for granted – and the President has not been afraid to call them out for purposefully aggravating the tense situation between Israel and the Palestinian enclaves of Gaza and the West Bank. That’s just basic international relations. Not turning a blind eye to the crimes of Netanyahu certainly does not constitute “abandonment.”

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The rest of her ramblings are nothing but delusional paranoia mixed with evangelical prophecies from Revelations that doesn’t deserve to be addressed by a civilized and secular nation. But it is truly despicable that this foul woman would dare to desecrate the graves of those lost in Belgium before they’ve even been buried. She has turned their deaths into an polito-apocalyptic condemnation that would resonate with the murderous fanatics of Daesh (ISIS/ISIL), and she is guilty of the same appalling extremism that they are.

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