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Horrific Explosion In Children’s Park Kills At Least Fifty, Wounds Up To 200

Horrific Explosion In Children’s Park Kills At Least Fifty, Wounds Up To 200

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It is with profound shock and horror that we must bring you news of a huge suicide bomb explosion in Lahore, Pakistan. The cowards responsible targeted the busy park of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, full of women and children, who sadly make up the majority of the victims. The BBC has reported that at least fifty have been killed and “dozens” more are injured; some reports on Twitter indicate that the death toll could be as high as 70 and more than 200 wounded.

It is the final wrench of the knife in the heart of the world after a particularly bloody week which saw significant terrorist attacks in Belgium, Iraq, Yemen, and now Pakistan. The mindless pundits and scheming profiteers will point to the coincidence of the attack taking place on Easter, asserting that Christians were targeted and stirring up more conflict; but it should matter naught. Muslim, Christian, pagan, atheist; such a despicable and hateful attack on children playing in a park knows no faith and no humanity. No religion alone could provoke this kind of utter savagery, no matter how FOX News tells you otherwise.

Please mourn for the lost and pray for the wounded.

In the off chance you happen to be in Pakistan, O+ and AB+ blood is desperately needed at the Jinnah Hospital and Sheikh Zayid Hospital in Lahore.

Update: Tehreek-e-Taliban, a Pakistani splinter cell of the notorious terrorist group, has claimed responsibility for the attacks.

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