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Watch: Bigot Screams “Kill All Muslims” And “TRUMP!” At Innocent Bystanders

Watch: Bigot Screams “Kill All Muslims” And “TRUMP!” At Innocent Bystanders

As Donald Trump continues to openly endorse Islamophobia and stoke the forge of ethnonationalist white supremacy in America, racist attacks and harassment has become a daily occurrence in the United States, each one as horrifying as the last. Most recently, a man in Grand Rapids, Michigan, was caught on film screaming “KILL MUSLIMS” in an obscenity-filled rant at a group of innocent bystanders, finally ending with the inevitable chorus of “TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP!”

Former National Guardswoman Candy Vanazuela recorded the attack and posted it to Facebook. As Republican fear-mongering about Muslims and terrorism reaches a crescendo among their prejudiced and uninformed voting base, we run a very dangerous risk of alienating the millions of loyal and patriotic Muslim-Americans that live as productive members of our society. We must show them that we stand with those Muslims as we would any other American, regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religion by not letting Donald Trump – or religious extremist Ted Cruz for that matter – get anywhere close to the White House this November.

Watch it here:

This just happened right in front of my eyes. A group of muslims preaching knowledge and this guy walks by and just starts yelling! If you cant hear it clearly, at the end he starts yelling Trump! After the video he actually walked by them, tried to swing, missed and fell!

h/t to Freak Out Nation

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