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McConnell: We Won’t Confirm Scalia Replacement EVEN IF Dems Keep The White House

McConnell: We Won’t Confirm Scalia Replacement EVEN IF Dems Keep The White House

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) admitted that his blocking of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee is just a ruse – and that he has no intention of confirming him if a Democrat wins the election. His entire argument for the unprecedented refusal to even meet with nominee Merrick Garland is based on the false notion that President Obama is a “lame duck” (which he isn’t) and that the “American people” should have a say in the appointment by allowing the next president to fill the vacancy – even though according to multiple polls, a significant majority of the American people him to do his damn job and fill the seat now.

But of course, the truth is that McConnell has never intended to allow a Democrat to fill the seat – which he openly admitted to CNN’s Dana Bash in a recent interview. First, he complains that Garland isn’t “moderate” enough because he’s opposed by the extremists in the National Rifle Association and the National Federation of Independent Businesses, which is an organization that pretends to advocate for small businesses but is a front for multi-national corporations to funnel money exclusively to Republican candidates, which shows you exactly where Mitch McConnell’s priorities lie.

Then Bash asks “should Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders were to win the presidency, is there any chance that the Republicans would vote to confirm Merrick Garland during a “lame duck” session?” Given the absurd obstructionism that he’s cultivated so far, McConnell doubles down: “I can’t imagine that a Republican majority Congress in a lame duck session after the American people have spoken would want to confirm a nominee opposed by the NRA, the NFIB, and who the New York Times said would shift the court dramatically to the left.”

“Are you ruling it out 100%?” follows up Bash, to which McConnell doesn’t skip a beat before saying “Yes.”

What he’s really saying is that even if the American people “speak” and elect a new President, he still wouldn’t confirm the nomination based on the whims of the NRA and the NFIB, illustrating once again that Congressional Republicans are here to serve the interests of corporations and special-interest groups, and aren’t even pretending to do their jobs or listen to the people they ostensibly represent.

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