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Trump Just EMBARRASSED Himself And Proved He’s Too Ignorant To Be President

Trump Just EMBARRASSED Himself And Proved He’s Too Ignorant To Be President

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In this clip, Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump makes it clear once again that he is entirely ignorant of the workings of our government. In an interview with FOX’s Sean Hannity, he begins describing government agencies that he’d like to get rid of in a pandering appeal to “fiscal conservative” hypocrites who believe important public agencies like the Department of Education (with a budget of $77 billion) are too much of an expense, but have no qualms about pouring half a trillion into our military every year.

Trump then had a “Rick Perry” moment, in which he created a new government agency to get rid of – the “Department of Environmental,” which is not only fictitious but is also improper English. Trump complained that the “Department of Environmental, I mean, the DEP is killing us environmentally, it’s just killing our businesses.” Assuming that he means the Environmental Protection Agency, it’s a common conservative talking point that places the profit margins of multinational corporations over the well-being of the American people; studies show that the jobs created and money saved in healthcare by protecting our citizens from pollution massively outweighs the cost to the oligarchs.

Listening to Republicans talk, you’d think it was mom-and-pop small businesses crumbling under the weight of oppressive EPA rules. But of course it isn’t, and it’s appalling that the GOP is so beholden to corporate interests that rules forcing companies like Chevron and Koch Industries to clean up their own pollution and not pour toxic waste into public water systems are demonized and disparaged with such fury. With luck, Trump’s slew of policy gaffes might finally start to wear away at his support as it becomes increasingly clear that after living in a bubble of opulence all his life, he has no idea how the real world actually works.

Watch it here:

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