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Just In: Bruce Springsteen Cancels N. Carolina Concert Over Bigoted “Bathroom Law”

Just In: Bruce Springsteen Cancels N. Carolina Concert Over Bigoted “Bathroom Law”

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Rock legend Bruce Springsteen has announced that he will be cancelling a planned concert in Greensboro, North Carolina, in protest over their appalling anti-transgender discrimination law. Bill HB 2 – the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act – was rammed through the state House, Senate, and signed by the Governor in under 12 hours. The bill requires people to use the bathrooms that match their “biological” sex, and is yet another example of a Republican legislature wasting valuable public time and money to perpetuate discrimination under the guise of solving imaginary problems.


We applaud Mr. Springsteen for standing up against conservative bigotry and hatred. The United States of America is a multi-ethnic, multicultural, and multi-gendered society, and no amount of naked discrimination or oppressive legislation will change that. As seven other states consider their own anti-trans bathroom bills, it’s critical that rational and reasonable Americans send a clear message that this kind of nonsense will not be tolerated in our nation. It’s funny how Republicans are so insistent on calling our nation the “land of the free” – but then work tirelessly to deny our freedoms to anyone who isn’t a white Christian cis male.

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