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Trump & O’Reilly: Blacks Are Unfit For Jobs ‘Cuz They’re Dumb And Have Facial Tattoos

Trump & O’Reilly: Blacks Are Unfit For Jobs ‘Cuz They’re Dumb And Have Facial Tattoos

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In this clip, FOX News host Bill O’Reilly proves once again that he is nothing but a bigoted and cantankerous fogey. Republican presidential-front runner Donald Trump joins O’Reilly to engage in some classic FOX race-baiting and poor-shaming of minority communities that grew so offensive as to stand out from the incessant outpouring of vitriol and barely disguised racism that their network sells every day.

Discussing various delusional ideas about how Donald Trump could possibly appeal to the few minority voters he hasn’t already alienated through his rabble-rousing ethno-nationalism, O’Reilly somehow out-bigots Trump in their discussion of African-Americans.

TRUMP: “I’m telling you, it’s an economic message. If you look at President Obama, he’s been a president for almost 8 years, it will be 8 years, you have with black youth, with African American youth, you have a 59 percent unemployment.”

O’REILLY: “But how are you going to get jobs for them? Many of them are ill-educated and have tattoos on their foreheads, and I hate to be generalized about it, but it’s true. If you look at all the educational statistics, how are you going to get jobs for people who aren’t qualified for jobs?”

TRUMP: We’re going to bring jobs back. We’re going to have Apple computers made in this country, not just…”

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O’REILLY: “But you have to have skills to make Apple computers. It’s more challenging for a poor child in Harlem without parental guidance in a school that’s falling apart than it is for some white kid out in Garden City. You say you can bring jobs back, but if the kid isn’t qualified to do the job and can’t do the work – I mean – you’ve got to get into the infrastructure of the African-American community.”

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TRUMP: “Well it is true. It’s about education, but it’s also about spirit. A lot of people don’t have spirit. Not only African-Americans, but we don’t have spirit in our country.”

There is so much wrong about this exchange it’s hard to know where to begin. His projections of African-American youth unemployment are significantly exaggerated, the manufacturing jobs that Trump keeps promising to bring back don’t exist anymore; the stereotyping blacks as being stupid and tatted-up is monstrously offensive, as is O’Reilly apparent belief that every black male is in fact a rapper. The worst part is the complete refusal to address the mass incarceration and conservative “starve the beast” policies that O’Reilly constantly calls for but are in fact largely responsible for the falling apart of schools in Harlem and the marginalization of African-Americans in general.

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