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Watch: Bernie Schools Ted Cruz On REAL “New York Values” And Ends It With Epic Mic Drop

Watch: Bernie Schools Ted Cruz On REAL “New York Values” And Ends It With Epic Mic Drop

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In this clip from Larry Wilmore’s the Nightly Show, Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders slams religious extremist Republican candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for his comments regarding “New York values,” which he throws around like a slur to appeal to far-right conservatives who don’t agree with the values of urban centers – values like tolerance and multiculturalism.

“Guess what, Ted Cruz? I have New York values!” said Sanders, who was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  “I value a living wage for all Americans. I value a justice system that treats everyone fairly. I value a government which works for all of us, not just Wall Street and powerful special interests. Those are New York values. When you say having New York values is a bad thing, you insult my city, my state, my culture, and my heritage! I am the son of an immigrant and I am proud of it.”

Sanders then took some shots at divisive rabble rouser and business tycoon Donald Trump: “Mr. Trump, you wouldn’t know New York values if they were written in 50-foot gold letters on the side of the Empire State Building! New York values are the Statute of Liberty, not a wall between us and Mexico. The truth is, New York values are American values, there are no difference.”

It’s an excellent takedown of one of the more nonsensical talking points that is circulating around the right-wing. New York values are those of tolerance, of diversity, of embracing your fellow humans regardless of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, or religion. Ted Cruz wants none of that. He would shun LGBT Americans for being living embodiments of sin and deny them the rights that all Americans deserve to enjoy; he would discriminate against Muslim-Americans based on their religion; he would force women to carry the baby of their rapist and then blame them for their own assault. Rather than embody the “New York values” that made NYC one of the world’s most magnificent cities, he believes in values that would be quite acceptable to the Islamic State. The difference between the two parties couldn’t be clearer.

Watch it here:

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