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Elizabeth Warren Just Devastated “Whiny” Ted Cruz With This Epic Twitter Rant

Elizabeth Warren Just Devastated “Whiny” Ted Cruz With This Epic Twitter Rant

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Middle-class champion and Massachusetts Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren took to Twitter today to shame her obstructionist colleague and religious extremist Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). Cruz apparently sent out a fundraising email complaining about all the “sacrifices” that he has to make during his shaky and unwelcome bid for the presidency.

In a show of what must pass for leadership among Republicans these days, Cruz whined to his fans that he apparently can’t handle the pressure of constant attacks for the terrible things he’s done as a legislator, not getting enough sleep, and how he doesn’t have enough time to… watch the Simpsons or shame a woman for her sexuality or return to his side job as the Zodiac killer or whatever the hell else Ted Cruz might do in his spare time.

Senator Warren isn’t having any of it, and unleashed a brutal tirade of excellent points that shamed him for being such a whiny, despicable bigot. Ted Cruz, maybe you should think of the families not able to spend enough time with their kids because you voted against it in Congress. Or the 9/11 first-responders, struggling with deadly ailments without the healthcare they need because you voted against refunding that bill. There is true suffering in America, Mr. Cruz – and you have contributed to a great deal of it.



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Senator Warren has not one but two excellent Twitter accounts, well worth a look.

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