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Watch: Obama Slams Republicans For Passing Anti-Trans “Bathroom Bills”

Watch: Obama Slams Republicans For Passing Anti-Trans “Bathroom Bills”

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Today, the President of the United States called on the states of North Carolina and Mississippi to repeal their anti-LGBT “bathroom” laws that have triggered a firestorm of public debate. Speaking from the United Kingdom, a close ally which recently issued a travel warning for LGBT tourists visiting the United States, President Obama reassured the citizens of the UK that the vast majority of Americans are not, in fact, discriminatory bigots intent on singling out a vulnerable minority population to batter around for a couple of cheap political points.

“I want everybody here in the United Kingdom to know that the people in North Carolina and Mississippi are wonderful people, they are hospitable people, they are beautiful states and you are welcome. You should come and enjoy yourselves. I think you’ll be treated with extraordinary hospitality. I also think that the laws that have been passed there are wrong and should be overturned and they’re in response to politics in part and some strong emotions that are generated by people, some of whom are good people but I just disagree with.”

North Carolina’s HB 2 and Mississippi’s HB 1523 are just another example of how conservatives invent imaginary issues as an excuse to oppress anyone who doesn’t conform to their draconian ideals of gender roles or sexual mores. Religious extremists like Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) are pushing an absurd narrative that says that if they are allowed to use the bathrooms that matches their personal gender identity, it will result in “grown men” using the same bathroom as “little girls.”

The obvious subtext, of course, is that transgender Americans are perverts and sexual deviants, which is ironic coming from a man who is currently obsessing over people’s genitals and children in the bathroom, tried to ban sex toys in Texas, and doesn’t believe people have the right to masturbate. Having lost the battle against same-sex marriage, Ted Cruz and the rest of the American Taliban have now turned their attention to the transgender community in order to demonize sexual diversity and distract the American people from the fact that conservative legislatures accomplish very little else with public time and money. We applaud the President for standing for tolerance and for the transgender community against these bigoted zealots.

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