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Fox News’ Senior White House Reporter Caught In Affair With Vegas Hostess

Fox News’ Senior White House Reporter Caught In Affair With Vegas Hostess

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The senior FOX News White House Correspondent, Ed Henry, has been taken off the air after the gossip rag In Touch broke news that he was carrying on an extramarital affair with a Las Vegas hostess.

Henry began his career covering Capitol Hill before joining CNN in 2004, where he eventually became a Senior White House Correspondent before leaving for a similar position at FOX News in 2011.  He married CNN producer Shirley Hung in 2010. Henry has been one of the primary mouthpieces for propagating the Hilary Clinton email conspiracy. He also once famously defended notorious domestic abuser Ray Rice. 

The other woman, Natalie Lima, sold out her partner to the tabloids, revealing all the sordid details for a moment of fame and probably a substantial check. The salacious details can be found in the latest edition of In Touch, if that’s your sort of thing. For the moment, we can confirm that two consenting adults did in fact have sexual intercourse, possibly several times. They may have even exchanged text messages. We can only assume that his wife is rather displeased.

While we don’t agree with the man’s opinions or statements, it’s upsetting that FOX News suspended a senior political correspondent over an affair that had nothing to do with his ability to do his job. The personal and professional lives of adults should be kept separate; his personal, off-the-clock decisions had nothing to do with the network and his suspension is very peculiar, considering that the network just got outed for employing a man who just plead guilty to defrauding the federal government and impersonating a CIA agent.

They bought that he was a CIA agent for 27 years and never bother to run a background check, lying to the network and to their audiences, throwing the meager scraps of credibility they had left right in their viewer’s faces – but this is what prompts them to suspend an enormously qualified and dedicated man? Now they have standards of journalistic integrity? Give me a break.

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Employers should stay out of the personal affairs of their workers – especially when it comes to their sexuality. Unless it directly affects their ability to do their job, corporations should not be imposing their own moral agenda on their employees.

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