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Email “Scandal” Tanking As FBI Can’t Find Evidence Hillary Broke A Single Law

Email “Scandal” Tanking As FBI Can’t Find Evidence Hillary Broke A Single Law

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As the seemingly interminable investigation into former Secretary of State and former First Lady Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server finally begins to approach some kind of resolution, officials say there is “scant evidence” that Clinton had “malicious intent” and that, to the great disappointment of Republican conspiracy theorists across the nation, were “not indicative that charges are imminent or even likely,” according to the Washington Post. 

Investigators also found no evidence that would prove that Romanian hacker Marcel Lehel “Guccifer” Lazar penetrated her private email server, as he told FOX News he did, pointing out that if he had, he would have almost certainly released his ill-gotten gains to the public, as he has in the past.

Federal authorities are correct to hold the investigation in the first place. It is important to ensure that classified information did not inadvertently fall into the hands of those who should not hold it, and to probe our own internal systems for weaknesses that could be exploited by others.

But this idea that Secretary Clinton was somehow scheming to undermine the security of our nation and “belongs in prison,” as the right-wing memes would have you believe, is utterly laughable. Such utter nonsense should remain in the proverbial garbage heaps of the Internet – Breibart and FOX News comment sections – where it belongs.

It is similarly distressing to see the cry of criminality taken up by frustrated supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT). While it is true that a great deal of question marks hang over the events of the primary season, one must truly take a step back and reconsider the validity of one’s arguments when one is repeating the same talking points championed by those who take Breitbart’s particularly toxic brand of agitation propaganda seriously. There are certainly serious criticisms that can be leveled at Secretary Clinton – but this is not one of them.

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Secretary Clinton is many things, but it cannot be denied that she is a patriot first and foremost. She has spent the vast majority of her life in service to the American people, spearheading the first attempt to pass universal healthcare legislation in 1993 and spent her career in the Senate fighting to expand access to reproductive healthcare to low-income women and their children. She then capably conducted our foreign policy negotiations (the agenda for which she advised but did not write, contrary to popular misconceptions) as Secretary of State.

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Secretary Clinton deserves to be questioned and analyzed as all presidential candidates do, but it’s far beyond time we stopped wasting time giving serious consideration to the delusions of the kinds of people who believe that President Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood and is planning to impose sharia law on Texas. There are some very pressing issues that need to be discussed by the progressive community, and this divisive foolishness is distracting us from the real issues facing the American people, and impairing our ability to hold a productive discourse.

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