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Here Are Stephen King’s Top Ten Anti-Trump Quotes

Here Are Stephen King’s Top Ten Anti-Trump Quotes

World famous novelist Stephen King is extremely displeased with the way the Republican Party primary has played out – and he has a special disgust for the presumptive Republican nominee,  Donald Trump. He’s made his dislike for the man very clear over the past few months,  intermittently sending shots at the rabble-rousing demagogue and the rest of the now-empty Republican clown car, which are very amusing for the rest of us to behold. Here’s the top ten best hot takes from King on the dumpster fire that is the Republican presidential primary.

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Trump and the rest of his disgraced peers are a blight on our nation and are an embarrassment to our nation. There really aren’t any words that can adequately describe the disgust and revulsion our nation feels about people like Trump and Ted Cruz – but King has made an excellent attempt at it.

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