Elizabeth Warren Just Responded To Trump Calling Her “Goofy & Ineffective,” And It’s SAVAGE

The Twitter battle between presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump and middle-class champion Sen. Elizabeth Warren is escalating into a full-scale war. The Massachusetts progressive hit back at Trump again today for his relentless misogyny and his senseless policy platform. Trump continually insults her Native American heritage and has the sheer nerve to insult and demean her incredible achievements in the Senate, which include the passage of the Wall Street-regulating Dodd-Frank Act and the establishment of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a watchdog agency protecting the people from the machinations of predatory corporations.

Senator Warren wasn’t having any of it. Trump will find that Warren is a much more formidable opponent than his spineless primary rivals. He’s not going to be able to bully her into silence – and we have every confidence that he is going to regret picking a fight with one of the most determined progressive in American politics.