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FLASHBACK: Hypocrite Trump Told Romney To Release His Taxes In 2012, Won’t Release His Now (VIDEO)

FLASHBACK: Hypocrite Trump Told Romney To Release His Taxes In 2012, Won’t Release His Now (VIDEO)

The hypocrisy of Donald Trump truly knows no bounds. Trump is well-known for his appreciation for official documentation – after all, he did start the absurd myth that President Obama was born in Kenya and created the public demand that he release his long-term birth certificate, a lie that still holds traction with Trump voters today. Later on, he deployed the same attack against religious extremist Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), saying that since he was born in Canada, he wasn’t a real American and wasn’t eligible to be President. His supporters exuberantly took up the lies and ran with them.

Which is why it’s very interesting that all of a sudden Trump is refusing to release his tax returns, a common practice that every presidential candidate is expected to do. He claims that he can’t, because he’s being audited by the IRS – even thought the IRS has said there’s nothing about the audit that is preventing him from doing so. His supporters who once so loudly called for the “truth” from Obama and Cruz are suddenly all too willing to look the other way – as they are for every one of his countless contradictions and hypocrisies.

On top of all that, Trump has a long history of telling other candidates that they should release their own tax returns – like when he criticized Mitt Romney in 2012 for not releasing them on time, and saying that releasing your tax returns is a “positive thing.” There’s a laundry list of reasons he could possibly be hiding his tax returns – that he cheats on his taxes (very likely), that he doesn’t really have as much money as he says he does (which is a proven fact) or that it could reveal damning information about his ties to the Mafia. Either way – Trump, we just want to know what you’re hiding so that we can show the world what a charlatan you really are.

Watch it here:

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