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Watch: Target’s CEO Just DESTROYED Transphobes With This Brilliant History Lesson

Watch: Target’s CEO Just DESTROYED Transphobes With This Brilliant History Lesson

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In this clip, the CEO of Target dismisses the right-wing “boycott” of his stores by rabid conservatives who are decrying his company’s policies of tolerance and inclusion in defiance of anti-trangender “bathroom” bills like those passed in North Carolina and Mississippi. As “family values activists” homophobic religious extremists whip their supporters into a frenzy over an imaginary crisis that relies on the false narrative that transgender Americans are using their right to choose their own gender as an excuse to prey on women and children in bathrooms – a narrative that has absolutely no basis in reality – they are also taking aim at anyone who attempts to defend the rights of trans Americans to determine their own gender identity.

Target CEO Brian Cornell, however, refuses to be intimidated by the complaints of bigots. “We took a stance, and were going to continue to embrace our belief of diversity and inclusion and just how important that is to our company.” He also references Target’s decision to be one of the first major companies to cast African-Americans in ads, which of course drew cries of “white genocide” and a storm of racist complaints from the same ignorant people now complaining about a multinational company’s decision to not discriminate against their customers in response to a baseless smear campaign organized by America’s version of the Taliban.

We applaud Mr. Cornell for taking an active role in fighting back against this vile discrimination campaign against America’s most vulnerable minority. Conservatives are true bullies, moving from one target to the next – and we as a nation owe every American, no matter what race, religion, gender, or sexuality the same respect and rights that everyone else does.

Watch it here:

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