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Watch: Joe Biden’s Letter To His 12-Year-Old Self Will Move You To Tears

Watch: Joe Biden’s Letter To His 12-Year-Old Self Will Move You To Tears

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In this moving and heartwarming clip, Vice President Joe Biden reads a letter to his twelve-year-old self, looking back on the twists and turns, the victories and defeats, the celebrations and the heartbreaks that life has thrown at him.

From his ascension to the US Senate at the young age of 29 to his forty years in public service, the tragic losses of his wife, daughter, and now son, Biden looks back at it all and has an inspiring message for the millions of Americans struggling with finding meaning and purpose in their own lives.

You’ll learn what it means to be an American — there is no quit in America. Being there for your family and your friends, serving your country, building real relationships – even with people with whom you vehemently disagree – that’s America, made up of ordinary people, like you, capable of doing extraordinary things.

And one day when you graduate from law school, you’ll decide to become a public defender. In the midst of the epic struggle for civil rights, you’ll be walking the streets on the east side of Wilmington, much of which has been burned to the ground, after your heroes were assassinated.

Forty years later, you’ll stand on a train platform of Wilmington overlooking the east side. Wilmington and the nation will no longer be in flames, but awaiting a new ripple of hope.

You’ll be waiting for a young black man — inspired by the dream of a king — coming from Philadelphia to pick you up, take you on a 124-mile trip to Washington to be sworn in as President and Vice President of the United States of America.

It’s another reminder of just what an incredible team President Obama assembled to lead our nation – and how much we will miss Biden’s candor, wisdom, and positive attitude in the future.

Watch it here:

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