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A Married Couple Gave Bank Of America This GLORIOUS Taste Of Their Own Medicine

A Married Couple Gave Bank Of America This GLORIOUS Taste Of Their Own Medicine

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Far too many Americans have suffered under the ruthless heels of our nation’s biggest banks. Millions lost their homes when the oligarchs on Wall Street gambled away their futures and then held our economy hostage until the middle class bailed them out.

Which makes it especially gratifying to hear a story about how an American homeowner fought back against the goliath of predatory capitalism – and won! In 2011, Bank of America attempted to foreclose on the homes of retired police officer Warren Nyerges and his wife, Maureen Collier, even though they had bought the house with cash.

Their attorney was easily able to prove their case, and the pernicious misers at Bank of America had to back off. They were obligated to pay the family’s legal fees, but refused to do so, despite multiple requests from their near-victims. So they fought back by calling up local law enforcement and foreclosing on the bank itself!

Sheriff’s deputies rolled up on the particular branch of BoA in Naples, Florida, and proceeded to take back what was owed, taking desks, computers, cash out the drawers. $5,772.88 was eventually recovered for the family, marking a rare win for the little guy in our perpetual struggle against the machinations of the ultrawealthy.

The story may not be recent, but it’s a sharp reminder of the way that corporate America thinks of the little man. They had no qualms with trying to seize the house and home of citizens who had done everything right. The wheels and deals of the ultrawealthy are the real enemy that opposes the American people, and that makes our choices in the upcoming election more pressing than ever.

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