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Trump In A Full Panic As Federal Judge Unseals Trump University Documents

Trump In A Full Panic As Federal Judge Unseals Trump University Documents

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After six years of fighting a losing battle, Donald Trump is growing increasingly anxious at the prospect of being dragged to a federal courthouse over his ‘Trump University’ scam’s illegal dealings in California. Later this week, the public is about to get a glimpse of 1,000 pages of Trump University’s “playbook,” as the federal judge has unsealed records in the case in the public interest.

Trump is trying to do damage control in advance by publicly insulting the judge, attacking him for being a “Mexican” and trying to discredit him.  But when the truth comes out, they will reveal an elaborate scam that enriched Trump by $5,000,000 at the expense of regular people. This scandal has the potential to even trigger that contested convention everyone’s been wishing for. The Washington Post explains:

A federal judge has ordered the release of internal Trump University documents in an ongoing lawsuit against the company, including “playbooks” that advised sales personnel how to market high-priced courses on getting rich through real estate.

The Friday ruling, in which Judge Gonzalo Curiel cited heightened public interest in presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, was issued in response to a request by The Washington Post. The ruling was a setback for Trump, whose attorneys argued that the documents contained trade secrets.

Curiel ordered that the playbooks and other records, numbering about 1,000 pages, be released by Thursday, June 2, allowing time to redact telephone numbers and other personal information about the company.

Soon to be ex-Florida Senator Marco Rubio dramatically revealed the Trump University debacle to the American public in a late February Republican primary debate on Fox, then rightfully called the presumptive nominee a “con man.” Now, Rubio has flip-flopped and decided to support Trump anyhow this week, saying the “dangerous con man” is now fit to be President, ironically right around the same time Trump rant misled Republicans and his supporters about his chances of winning the class-action lawsuit alleging violations of consumer protection laws in Florida, New York and California which is being pursued vigorously by lawyers Zelde, Haggequist & Eck. Complete details of the case against Trump and timelines can be seen on the plaintiffs attorney’s website, and they alone paint an ugly picture.

So, during his racist rant, Donald Trump accused former federal prosecutor and 2012 Obama appointee Judge Gonzalo Curiel of being “Mexican” which implies that he is biased against Trump because of his bigoted anti-Hispanic agenda. Unfortunately, it’s also just plain wrong- not only morally but factually too. The conservative Wall Street Journal revealed the gaping holes in Trump’s shameful rant:

“We’re in front of a very hostile judge,” Mr. Trump said. “The judge was appointed by Barack Obama, federal judge. Frankly, he should recuse himself because he’s given us ruling after ruling after ruling, negative, negative, negative.”

Mr. Trump also told the audience, which had previously chanted the Republican standard-bearer’s signature “build that wall” mantra in reference to Mr. Trump’s proposed wall along the Mexican border, that Judge Curiel is “Mexican.”

“What happens is the judge, who happens to be, we believe, Mexican, which is great. I think that’s fine,” Mr. Trump said.

Judge Curiel was born in Indiana.

Trump has been fighting a losing battle in California’s federal courts since 2010, when the facade of Trump University began to implode and scam victim Tara Markieff began her quest for justice against the charlatan and scam artist. That’s when the alleged real estate professional filed a retaliatory lawsuit for complaining to the FTC and the Better Business Bureau online about being fleeced for $35,000 with little to show for it.

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Former student Markieff beat Donald Trump in that lawsuit, proving in court that the huckster sued her in retaliation for leaving an honest review of Trump University, and telling authorities about the scam. Trump failed in his feeble, but highly litigious, attempt to bully her into silence, and so doing violated California’s law that protects citizens from frivolous lawsuits whose only goal is to end free speech, called the Anti-SLAPP law.

Trump is a con artist so brazen that he’d sue his own scam victims just for telling the truth in a sad attempt to stop thousands of people who he bamboozled from getting their money back from his fake university.  Republicans like Marco Rubio, who couldn’t take political advantage of an egregious fake university scam to knock out the fraudster still grudgingly agree that he should be in charge of education in America, and hold the nuclear codes. Doesn’t seem like the GOP’s new “strong man” has much muscle outside of his mouth’s lying muscles.

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The poor disillusioned people scammed at Trump University were promised access to the man himself, but instead got nothing more a picture with a cardboard cutout – an apt metaphor for the “education” they received at Trump U. Republican primary voters will be the next ones discovering that they imagined voting for a strong politician, but have been delivered a nothing more useful than shiny, two-dimensional, disposable candidate who’s got nothing besides a famous, lying smile to offer.

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