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Conservative Gun Shop Owner Now Selling Obama, Sanders, Clinton Shooting Targets

Conservative Gun Shop Owner Now Selling Obama, Sanders, Clinton Shooting Targets

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It all started when Florida Man travelled north for a 2nd Amendment rally and covered a Bernie Sanders supporters’ car stickers with offensive “Muslim Free Zone” stickers. That led to an online feud between online partisans Feeling the Bern and demanding an apology from Florida Man. But this Florida man happens to be gun shop owner Andy Hallinan who is best known as Florida killer George Zimmerman’s best buddy and Dixie flag selling, racist gun business partner.

Anti-Muslim shop owner Hallinan is seeking attention for branching out from racial hate into politics, turning his false apology for crossing the line with childish behavior, into selling gun targets adorned with the sitting President of the United States along with the Democrats presidential contenders faces and offering them for sale. In the name of the First Amendment, which racists like presumptive Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump only defend when they speak, but disparage when spoken to.

Surely, Florida man’s new targets of the President will be popular in Taliban circles after Obama just knocked off their top leadership as a negotiating strategy. So too will ISIS probably be a fantastic market for the new targets which vilify the only people left in the Presidential primary process to guide the United States from 2017 into the beyond.

Trump’s Republican supporters are probably lining up alongside their North Korean allies waiting for Florida man to open up online sales.

Using gun targets to dehumanize the President is un-American. It shows a gross lack of respect for the office. Although the First Amendment protects Florida man for his acts, it does not protect Andy Hallinan from being infamously known as a pathetic, attention seeking bigot, whose real claim to fame is his very public and charming bromance with the wife beating, hothead killer George Zimmerman.

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They truly deserve each other, and now that gay marriage is legal, the world is waiting to see if this power couple ties the knot or simply continues to work overtime trolling America with the their loving embrace of racist Dixie flags, gun auctions, offensive targets and whatever hokey, shock-gimmick they “think” up next.

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