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PGA Just Cancelled A Huge Tournament At Trump’s Resort. Where They Moved It To Will Infuriate Him

PGA Just Cancelled A Huge Tournament At Trump’s Resort. Where They Moved It To Will Infuriate Him

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Donald Trump continues to pay the price for his racist and divisive rabble-rousing. The Professional Golf Association (PGA) has decided to not hold their PGA Tour event at Miami’s Trump Doral resort. Instead, they will be moving the prized golf tournament – which has been held in Miami since 1962- away to Mexico City. It only took the New York real estate mogul and scam university pitchman four short years to destroy the relationship and lose the deal.

The orange-faced one is surely red in the face with embarrassment and rage as Mexicans publicly make a loser out of the profane bigot who dreams of building border walls at Mexico’s expense. There is little doubt that the racist Republican’s presidential campaign has cost the vulgarian’s company the prestigious PGA Cadillac Championship tournament at Trump Doral Resort, home to the famed Blue Monster.

Mexican conglomerate Grupo Salinas has picked up sponsorship when no American corporation would, and the television production and financial service behemoth got the golf tournament location they wanted in return: Mexico City.  As the Miami Herald reports, it’s highly unusual to be unable to replace a sponsor in America’s televised professional sports leagues:

Losing a title sponsor, whether of a sporting venue or event these days, defines common. Being unable to replace one, especially for a popular golf tournament with international reach and a half-century of history, defines uncommon. Even in the economically stretched times of 2009-10, the PGA signed lucrative sponsor agreements.

Now, the tournament seems headed on the other side of a border on which Trump declares he wants to build a wall.

The PGA needs a clean break from the sport’s less than glorious past track record for racial relations after an era when Afro-American-Asian legend Tiger Woods was by far the top draw for the sport.  Golf’s professional bodies have worked long and hard to integrate their sport into America’s mainstream majority of tolerant society, the sport having started at member’s only golf clubs which used to exclude women, African-Americans, Latinos and Jews from many private courses. So it only makes sense that they’re following NBC’s lead in firing the shameless race-baiter from hosting one of golf’s top events now that he’s hurting the sport’s cash flow with his radioactive remarks.

The presumptive Republican nominee’s golf resort business is going to be awfully lonely once six more months of his endlessly crass remarks of intolerance and hatred get plastered across the internet. Trump’s open bigotry caused Cadillac to pull out as the title sponsor, and nobody else in corporate America wanted to touch Trump’s signature golf course with a ten foot pole.

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Trump handled the news poorly, blurting this out on a Fox News appearance: “They’re moving it to Mexico City which, by the way, I hope they have kidnapping insurance. But they’re moving it to Mexico City. And I’m saying, you know, what’s going on here? It is so sad when you look at what’s going on with our country.”

Donald Trump need only look in the mirror to see what’s sad and wrong, because what’s going on is Trump losing one of his golf crown jewels to Mexico due to his of stereotyping, hatred and bigotry.

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