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Watch: Obama Brilliantly Debunks The Five Worst Republican Lies In Two Minutes

Watch: Obama Brilliantly Debunks The Five Worst Republican Lies In Two Minutes

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In this video, President Obama sat down with PBS News Hour to rip presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump for simply becoming a conduit for all the lies and myths that the far-right wing have invented about the economy, about immigration and welfare, about the overreach of the federal government and over-regulation, about Obamacare, and the poor-shaming misrepresentation of the American working class.

“Trump is a more colorful character than a lot of the other Republican elected officials, but a lot of the story that he’s telling is entirely consistent with what folks have been saying about me, or the general story that they’re telling about the economy, for the last seven and half, the last ten, last twenty, last thirty years.

The basic story they tell is that the problems that the middle class, working families are experiencing, has to do with a big, bloated government, that taxes the heck out of people, that gives that money to undeserving folks, the 47% who are ‘takers,’ or whatever phrase they use, that businesses are being strangled by over-regulation, that Obamacare has killed jobs.

The fact of the matter is, when you look at it, the government as a proportion of our overall economy, is actually smaller now under my presidency than it was under Ronald Reagan, we have fewer federal employees today, the healthcare costs under Obamacare have gone up slower than when I signed it, 20 million more people have health insurance.

The arguments they’re making are just not born out by the facts. But what is true is that if people are feeling insecure, and they’re offered a simple reason for how they can feel more secure, people are going to be tempted by it – particularly if they’re hearing that same story over and over again.”

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The President’s assessment of the problems posed by our “post-truth” political media is quite astute. The right-wing echo chamber, spearheaded by FOX News but extends deep into the vast array of vicious blogs and firebrand talk-show radio hosts, has been constantly perpetuating a false grand narrative that has taken a firm hold in the minds of Republican voters.

It is extremely alarming that attempts to disprove these delusions with facts and statistics are rejected out of partisan suspicion. This atmosphere of anti-facts has created this space in which Trump thrives, free from the constraints of truth or reality, able to paint a picture of a “crippled America” that is entirely divorced from reality – and it is an obstacle that the progressive left will struggle to overcome from years.

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