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Hilarious: Trump Loses Puerto Rico Primary To Someone Who Isn’t In The Race Anymore

Hilarious: Trump Loses Puerto Rico Primary To Someone Who Isn’t In The Race Anymore

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Donald Trump just lost by a 74-14 margin in the Republican primary in Puerto Rico to a candidate who isn’t even in the running anymore. There goes the myth of Trump being able to gather support from Latino and Spanish-speaking voters out the window – since the numbers confirm the tepid 14% level of support he gets in national polls.

When you consider that Trump only polled 14% of members of his own party against literally nobody – in this case to outgoing Florida Senator Marco Rubio in March, who just this week shot down his own judicial nominee – it means that Trump might not get more like 7% of the latino vote in a general election, since presumably half or quite a few less than half of registered voters identify as Republican. It’s more proof that the media hyped up Trump for no reason when – for example, the majority of New York Latino Republicans, or that he won the majority of Nevada’s Latino Republican votes. Then it was revealed by CNN that Trump actually won 44% out of a sample size of only 125 Latino Republicans in Nevada.

Leave it to a real journalism outlet like the Boston Globe to report the actual truth, even if it isn’t the trumpery that Republicans want to hear: “Latino Republicans Spurn Donald Trump“:

Trump’s rhetoric is hurtful to a swath of voters, Hispanic conservatives said in interviews. They are offended by his comments claiming Mexican immigrants are rapists and criminals, by his pledge to build a Mexican border wall, and by his promise of mass deportations. They cannot stomach the idea of voting for Democrat Hillary Clinton, some said, so they will leave their presidential ballot blank.

“Donald Trump comes across as a villain in a telenovela,” Artemio Muniz [chairman of the Texas Federation of Hispanic Republicans] said, referencing the Latin American soap opera genre. “He fits the stereotype to a T. They don’t need ominous music or a translator.”

Republican Mitt Romney lost an epic landslide to President Obama in 2012 while polling a disastrous 27% of Latino votes nationally, when he embraced the “self-deportation” platform of the GOP’s radical party agenda.  Donald Trump is doubling down on the Republican’s status as a racist, anti-Latino party in the very worst way, and should expect an even larger land slide in favor of the Democrats eventual presidential nominee at the hands of motivated Latino voters.

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