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Monster: Stanford Rapist Took Naked Photos Of Survivor & Sent Them To His Friends

Monster: Stanford Rapist Took Naked Photos Of Survivor & Sent Them To His Friends

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As the horrifying saga of convicted rapist Brock Turner continues to unfold, it is hard to put into words just how colossal a miscarriage of justice the entire case truly is. Recently, ex-Stanford athlete Turner was convicted unanimously by a jury of three counts of raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster – an unspeakable crime that should have carried a fourteen year sentence. But Judge Aaron Persky – himself a Stanford graduate – was apparently moved by the piteous moaning from the man over his lost career and his half-hearted pledge to teach others about the “dangers of drinking and college promiscuity.”

Turner received six months – which he will only serve three months of, in protective custody. His sentencing was a disgusting validation of Turner’s shifting of blame onto the victim and inanimate liquids, absolving himself of his role in the assault of an unconscious woman and an appalling affirmation that in the United States of America, white cisgender males with money can commit any crime with impunity.

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New evidence has emerged which shows that Brock’s insincere contrition was nothing but a lie. The Daily Mail reports that rapist Turner took photographs of the naked woman while he was raping her and then sent them to his friends. This proves that not only was he fully aware of what he was doing, he took pride in the act of raping this girl – enough that he felt confident enough to boast to his friends about the horrendous crime that he was in the process of committing.


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Not only did he violate her in multiple ways, he lied to the judge about his long history of drug and alcohol use. His entire defense was based around “the destructive consequences of making decisions while under the influence of alcohol,” painting himself as a poor innocent boy who just had too much to drink and was apparently possessed by the liquor demons, which made him lose control of himself and forced him to rape Emily Doe.

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However, prosecutors point to a large collection of text messages on Turner’s cellphone which indicate that he was a habitual marijuana user, a habitual drinker, and had experimented with psychoactive drugs like LSD and MDMA.


It is now infuriatingly clear that Judge Persky ignored all this evidence when he gave Turner the lightest sentence that he possibly could have. It is an abhorrent miscarriage of justice that let an self-entitled rapist who obviously knew what he was doing when he chose to pursue and rape a woman who had previously rejected his clumsy and overly aggressive advances earlier in the night, as recounted by the victims and prosecution:

She described the Defendant as being flirtatious. He put his hat on her and she took it off. He then started to dance behind her and tried to turn her around to face him. She felt uncomfortable and tried to turn her body away so he would not be directly behind her. He became really ‘touchy’ and put his hands on her waist and stomach. He even put his hands on her upper thighs. She felt more and more uncomfortable and got down off the table.

“She said the Defendant ‘creeped’ her out because of his persistence. The sister of Turner’s victim also reported a similar experience, telling police that he had attempted to kiss her and acted aggressively on the night of the rape. Turner had claimed to have been talking with and kissing the victim herself – a statement later derided as ‘lies’ by prosecutor Alaleh Kianierci. Writing in a sentencing memo to Judge Persky, she added: ‘Despite his lies that there was some sort of ‘flirtation’ between himself and [the victim’s sister] both at trial and in his statement to probation, it was abundantly clear from Jane Doe 2’s [the victim’s sister] testimony that she was caught completely off guard by his multiple attempts to kiss her that night.

‘She even had to get away from him after he grabbed her waist, and she alerted her friend Colleen to his behavior. She concluded: ‘Even though he was twice rejected by [the victim’s sister], he felt it was acceptable to pursue [the victim] later that night when she was alone and inebriated. He purposefully took her to an isolated area, away from all the party goers, to an area that was dimly lit, and assaulted her on the ground next to a dumpster.”

This is not the behavior of an innocent boy “who made a mistake”. This is the behavior of a sociopathic sexual predator who punished a woman for resisting his advances, who views women as something that he is entitled to and has every right to take and abuse as he sees fit. The fact that the judge bought his obviously insincere he got away with his crime is a shattering blow to the innocent survivor and is a blight on our justice system that locks up millions of African-American youths for minor drug offenses while letting convicted rapists go with a slap on the wrist.

Sign the petition to recall Judge Aaron Persky here.

If you live in Santa Clara, please get involved in collecting petition signatures to get Persky recalled. Judge Persky violated Lady Justice herself with this obscene sentence for such a heinous crime, and we as a nation cannot tolerate our judges allowing such heinous crimes to go unpunished or displaying such obvious preference in his ruling.

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