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An Orlando Muslim-American Donated Blood And Wrote This Touching Message To America

An Orlando Muslim-American Donated Blood And Wrote This Touching Message To America

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While conservative media loses its collective mind trying to convince everyone that radical terrorists pledging allegiance to Daesh (ISIS/IS/ISIL) are sneaking into our nation under the hijabis of Syrian refugees, it is important for us to remember that Muslim-Americans are just as horrified as we are at this kind of senseless violence.

Mahmoud El-Awadi, a Vice President at Merrill Lynch and an apparent immigrant from Egypt, is a Muslim-American who rushed downtown to donate blood for the victims of the Orlando massacre, even though it is the month of Ramadan, meaning he is fasting – not eating or drinking water until the sun sets.

This status is going viral on Facebook, and in this time of fear and contempt, it’s more important than ever to remind ourselves that Muslims are just as devoted to their country as any other American is; that they condemn this kind of abhorrent violence with equal fury, and that they must suffer the xenophobic consequences – the slurs, the beatings, the discrimination – that right-wing bigots will inevitably inflict upon them.


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