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Here’s The Top 10 Most Outrageous Things Overheard At A Trump Rally

Here’s The Top 10 Most Outrageous Things Overheard At A Trump Rally

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Donald Trump’s rallies are known for being cesspools of hatred and ignorance, but it can be difficult to know exactly how bad they are when media outlets are banned, and the few reporters allowed are corralled into a back corner. Professor Jared Yates Sexton attended the Trump rally in Greensboro, NC last night with the mission of live tweeting what really is being said at rallies. Here are the ten most horrifying things he found:

  1. Crowd chanting BUILD THAT WALL over operatic music. Good god that was chilling.
  2. I don’t like Hitler comparisons but that was positively like Nuremberg rally level crazy.
  3. Crowd member just shouted “gays had it coming!”
  4. Bragging he took away [press] credentials from WA Post [Washington Post]. Crowd yells “Kill them all.”
  5. Trump comparing immigrants to snakes.
  6. Trump says not to hurt protestor, several chant HURT HIM HURT HIM
  7. Just overheard: “you can’t trust Latinos. Some maybe but not most”
  8. Overheard: Immigrants aren’t people, honey
  9. Father explaining Clinton let her husband have “all kinds of oral sex” to his ten year old
  10. Overheard: Muslim ban “good for Muslims” let’s them “sit and think about what they’ve done”

Other observations by Professor Sexton:

  • Trump event like a security state. Just watched a girl get denied for being “too alternative.”
  • There’s an ungodly amount of extremely drunk people here.
  • Tailgating in parking lots. Vendors selling Hillary Sucks But Not Like Monica shirts. General awfulness.
  • Big seller is a shirt that says Trump That Bitch. Everyone wearing one is being asked to pose for pictures. Big thumbs up. Big grins.
  • Guy wearing Socialism Sucks shirt and lip syncing to Tiny Dancer. Nothing makes sense anymore.
  • Crowd consists of people who like a car wreck because it breaks up a long drive and people who’ve never learned to love.
  • Recites poem about snake, emphasizes line “Silly Woman,” crowd goes nuts
  • So much casual racism, misogyny, homophobia, and just plain ugliness.
  • SUV blaring I Am A Real American, waving Trump hats and flipping off homeless and car with Mexican flag. What reality is this?

At the end, Sexton closed with the tweet:

This is next level hatred, racism, and incitement to violence. We can only hope that Trump’s popularity stops here before America is torn apart at the seams.

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