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Trump Accused Vets of Stealing Money in Iraq. This Vet’s Response is PERFECT

Trump Accused Vets of Stealing Money in Iraq. This Vet’s Response is PERFECT

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Sergeant Corbin Reiff couldn’t take it anymore and unleashed a viral tweetstorm after seeing the Republican’s presumptive presidential nominee dishing innuendo and making outrageous allegations that US soldiers in Iraq were corrupt and stealing reconstruction money.

An Army veteran, Sgt. Reiff was deployed for a year in 2009 as a claims adjuster in Baghdad and responsible for compensating the numerous claims of damage by Iraqi citizens for half of the populous capital city, fighting for the hearts and minds of the citizens of a city we destroyed in the bombardment.

Last night, Donald Trump made the bizarre decision to blame our servicemen for the outrageous corruption and embezzlement committed by private military contractors during the Iraq War, showing just how little he knows about the events of our nation’s most recent overseas engagement and showing a flagrant disrespect for the brave men and women who risked their lives overseas.

The idea that Trump would call out the integrity of those who answered the call of service and deployed to a war zone is repellent. For this reason, and many more, he’s proven that he’s someone with neither the temperament, nor the character, to be Commander in Chief. Don’t believe him when he says he’s for Veterans.

It’s lip service entirely.

Donald Trump is notorious for paying lip service to veterans, but as we’ve reported he loves to fire active service members too, like these three service people illegally dismissed from from two of the vulgar businessman’s many companies, the Trump University and from Trump Airlines. Both businesses owned by Trump illegally fired servicemen for being on active duty!

Sgt. Corben Reiff won’t buy Trump’s two-faced fallacies, and neither should members of the Republican party and its elected officials who swear allegiance to the US Constitution, not to a party or a man.  If he cannot, how can any rational American seriously consider voting for a man that consistently disenfranchises, denigrates and verbally abuses our countrymen that serve across the globe with distinction and valor, in dangerous missions overseas, who he’d have to command as President, in the United States armed forces?

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Leave it to a member of the US Armed forces to use Trump’s favorite weapon – the tweet – far more effectively than the humble-bragging and racist tweeting Republican candidate ever will.

You can see Reiff’s tweetstorm right here:

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