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Breaking: A Judge Just Called Trump In To Testify About Racist Comments

Breaking: A Judge Just Called Trump In To Testify About Racist Comments

Donald Trump’s chances at a prolonged political career are quickly disintegrating over his constant stream racist comments, as the murmur of uneasy criticism from top Republicans rises to a roar and his poll ratings take a precipitous fall. Finally those comments are beginning to eat away at his business career.

Trump was in the process of developing a restaurant venture in 2015 with two chefs, Armenian-American Geoffrey Zakarian and Spanish-American José Andrés, when the chefs decided to pull out because they were uncomfortable with Trump’s xenophobia regarding Mexican-Americans and Muslims, which has attracted support from the most despicable corners of America, including the KKK. Trump is being called in to testify in his own lawsuit against the chefs, who argue that having their restaurants associated with a racist would cause “a potential drop in customer base and negative impact on their employees relating to Trump’s comments.”

Trump, terrified of losing money if he is held accountable for his filthy speech, is now suing Zakarian and Andrés for pulling out of their contract. It is unclear what the technical terms of their contract are, but we applaud the two chefs for taking a stand against Trump’s hatred and being the first to send a clear message that alienating minorities – who comprise a huge section of American society – is not good for business.

Zakarian has said, “[Trump and I] share a different set of morals and values. My whole life is spent with Mexican-Americans. Seventy-five percent of my staff is Mexican-American. They’re my backbone. That’s a family. … I stand by what I did. I’m very happy I did it. I sleep very well at night.”

This is 2016. It is rightfully becoming harder and harder for racists to stay in business as minority populations, and general tolerance and common decency, swell. So far Trump has not gotten the message that his racism is disgusting and unacceptable since it garners him media attention, which feeds into his narcissism and egocentricity.

Now Trump is hearing loud and clear in the only language he understands – greed – that he has gone too far and America will not tolerate it. A man like Trump cares for nothing but his ego and his bank account, so it’s time to stop the flow of cash and hit him where it really hurts.

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