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No Woman Will Vote For Trump After What “Apprentice” Staffers Just Revealed

No Woman Will Vote For Trump After What “Apprentice” Staffers Just Revealed

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In case you needed any more evidence that presumptive Republican nominee is a disgusting misogynist and an all-around man of abhorrent personal character, this damning testimony from his former employees on the Apprentice tells you all you need to know.

Crew members who worked in the day-to-day operations of the reality show were appalled at the man’s behavior and manner towards others, particularly his habit of publicly shaming others and his constant need to comment on the bodies and attractiveness of female employees – and showed a particular obsession with menstruation:

“He was always very open about describing women by their breast size. Any time I see people in the Trump organization say how nice he is, I want to throw up. He’s been a nasty person to women for a long time. My girlfriend at the time was a production assistant on the show and he made a comment about her, knowing that he was mic’d and that we’d all hear it. He said, ‘Who’s that hot little girl running around? I was like, Wait, an old man said something about my 28-year-old girlfriend. Take it easy, homeboy.”

Another staffer recounted how “he would talk about the female contestants’ bodies a lot from the control room. We shot in Trump Tower, the control room was on the seventh floor, and he walked in one day and was talking about a contestant, saying, ‘Her breasts were so much bigger at the casting. Maybe she had her period then.’ He knows he’s mic’d and that 30 people are hearing this, but he didn’t care. That’s kind of him. During the campaign, when he was talking about Megyn Kelly, I thought: He’s obsessed with menstruation.”

He’s of course referring of course to one of the more notable examples of Trump’s public misogyny, where he said that FOX News host Megyn Kelly had “blood coming from her nose, blood coming from her “wherever” as an explanation for why the news anchor had asked Trump questions he didn’t feel like answering.

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Trump also apparently exploits people of larger body types for his own amusement, as the staffer continued to say: “There was a fat contestant who was a buffoon and a f*ckup. And he would f*ck up week after week, and the producers would figure that he’d screwed up so badly that Trump would have to fire him. But Trump kept deciding to fire someone else. The producers had to scramble because of course Trump can never be seen to make a bad call on the show, so we had to re-engineer the footage to make a different contestant look bad. Later, I heard a producer talk to him, and Trump said, ‘Everybody loves a fat guy. People will watch if you have a funny fat guy around. Trust me, it’s good for ratings.’ I look at Chris Christie now and I swear that’s what’s happening.”

As amusing as it is to see the once-proud Governor of New Jersey – who is well-known for his bullying of school teachers and shutting down an entire bridge lane to punish a town that didn’t vote for him – reduced to being Donald Trump’s McDonald’s delivery man, the shaming of anybody for their body size is cruel and unnecessary. It’s a further indication that Trump is a sociopathic narcissist who sees people only as objects for his own pleasure and entertainment – and a woman’s value stems only from her attractivenessThe evidence is everywhere, and we absolutely cannot allow this man to ascend to the Presidency, with our nation at his finger tips to play with and drive into the ground like he has all his business ventures.

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