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Trump Is Panicking And Begging For Cash As His Campaign Goes BANKRUPT

Trump Is Panicking And Begging For Cash As His Campaign Goes BANKRUPT

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Donald Trump’s self-funded Republican presidential campaign has hit the skids – he’s out of cash, out of time to book TV ads, and leaving Republicans who bought the salesman’s “truthful hyperbole” in the spring to discover this summer that it’s blossomed into a fetid and decrepit lie.

Fourteen million Americans voted for Donald Trump’s “self-funded” campaign over his 16 competitors in the circus that was the Republican 2016 presidential primary. Now, the New York Times is saying that Trump’s supposedly self-funded campaign is facing a “crippling” moment as he “faces the worst financial disadvantage in recent presidential history: He had $1.3 million on hand to Clinton’s $42 million.” Thus far, the Republican’s presidential campaign has only collected slightly over $60,000,000, much of it in loans from the candidate to pay his many businesses, who’ve taken in roughly 20% of his funds raised.

Compare Trump’s paltry $60,000,000 haul to the robust $200,000,000 amount fundraised by defeated presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT). Pitifully, the Republicans party’s boorish real estate salesman has been out-raised by a democratic socialist three to one- including every cent the self-reported billionaire has contributed to his own campaign. Adding to the the cacaphony of blaring alarm bells ringing in Trump’s campaign, it’s been revealed that the Republican has little to no advertising booked for the general election campaign, and he’s barely responding to Clinton’s June ad purchase:

The Trump campaign has not aired a television advertisement since he effectively secured the nomination in May and has not booked any advertising for the summer or fall. Mrs. Clinton and her allies spent nearly $26 million on advertising in June alone, according to the Campaign Media Analysis Group, pummeling Mr. Trump over his temperament, his statements and his mocking of a disabled reporter. The only sustained reply, aside from Mr. Trump’s gibes at rallies and on Twitter, has come from a pair of groups that spent less than $2 million combined.

We reported in early June that Donald Trump’s racist Republican presidential campaign was broke and this weekend it was caught begging for small amounts of cash from its supporters. An email on Saturday went out, and it said that the Republican’s presumptive Presidential nominee was $100,000 short to place ads this weekend. Now, the naked emperor’s dwindling finances have been laid bare for the world to see, and it’s not a pretty sight.

Earlier today, Trump fired his main acolyte, his candidacy’s top true believer, campaign manager Corey Lewandowski. Lewandowski’s main claim to fame in the Republican primary was manhandling a female Breitbart reporter. Yesterday, Lewandowski gave what has best been described as a “surreal ‘everything is awesome’ interview” after losing his job, pretending that all is just hunky-dory in the directionless campaign he led up until this morning.  The Wall Street Journal profiled Trump’s now-former campaign manager in a story entitled, “Meet the Man That Helps Trump Be Trump.” What does it say when a campaign focused on letting the candidate freelance just fired the guy in charge of that “strategy”?

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President Obama tipped the 2012 general election in his favor by a running blitz of ads during the long summer time period, between nominating contests and party conventions — a time when earned media appearances traditionally wane. Hillary Clinton is looking like she’s going to duplicate the feat, and blast the airwaves defining Trump as the angry man who ran in the primary, by his own words against him. Just last September Trump had this to say about where he’d generate the cash to run for president:

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Trump pledges to self-fund campaign.

The orange-skinned candidate from New York pledged in televised debates and speeches to maintain political independence to primary voters by self-funding his campaign, but went crawling to the Republican National Committee (RNC) for help just a few short weeks ago.  Last week, seven big corporate sponsors reportedly pulled out funding the Republican National Convention due to Donald Trump’s incendiary lies and packs of violent supporters who’re egged on by the strong-man’s calls at rallies towards xenophobia and retribution. Now, the Republican’s “cheeto jesus” is claiming that even the RNC isn’t going to go along with his populist campaign of hatred without running any of the aspects of a traditional political campaign, and he’s going to have to “go it alone.”  

Trump’s current funding “emergency” is being caused much more by the Republican candidate’s own actions, revelation of his dirty business dealings in the past, thousands of lawsuits, and his vicious attacks on the heroic federal judge presiding over his Trump University trial. The Republican presidential candidate’s funding shortfall is caused by his repulsively volatile mixture of vane nihilism, hatred and ego which has turned the reality tv star into a radioactive presence in his own party, and in politics in general. The true emergency Republicans face today, is that their party has been hijacked by the most extreme right-wing politician and his fanatics, who are openly brewing ethnic hatred into their bitter brand of xenophobic politics, more so than at any time in the last century when the KKK took over Indiana state politics in the 1920s using the Republican party as its political vehicle.

Even his own supporters must be wondering why a supposedly self-funded candidate has to openly beg for cash. But it’s become clear why people are saying that Americans of conscience have a moral duty to oppose the Republican Presidential nomination of Donald Trump.

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