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Hillary Just Made Trump Lose His Cool And Admit He’s A Narcissistic Con Man

Hillary Just Made Trump Lose His Cool And Admit He’s A Narcissistic Con Man

Former Secretary of State and presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton has really dug deep into rival Donald Trump’s famously thin skin with today’s quip ridiculing Trump’s notoriously bad business record that is mired with Chapter 11 bankruptcies:

Trump was outraged and lashed out in a a torrent of nonsensical tweets, the weirdest of which was this: 

It is true that Trump exploited bankruptcy laws to protect his own wealth while financially devastating the employees of his numerous failed businesses and damaging the American economy. If anything this should disqualify him as a real contender for the presidency, not be touted as a bragging point. Trump deliberately disregarded the well-being of the American people for his own selfish gain, which is hardly what we should be voting for – America should elect a leader who puts the average citizen first and fights for their success. 

It is impossible to tell whether Trump actually thought that bragging getting rich by crushing his workers was a clever strategy, or whether he was blinded by rage when Clinton called him out as the fraud of a businessman he is. Either way, the damning admission came straight from his own mouth: Trump does what is bad for the country but lines his own pockets. 

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