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George Will Just Left the Republican Party Over Trump: “Make Sure He Loses”

George Will Just Left the Republican Party Over Trump: “Make Sure He Loses”

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Prominent conservative Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist George Will has announced that he will be leaving the Republican Party in protest over the nomination of divisive rabble-rouser Donald Trump as the party’s nominee for the 2016 presidential race. In yesterday’s speech to the Federalist Society, the Washington Post writer declared that “this is not my party” and that he will be changing his voter registration to “unaffiliated.” He had some harsh words for the Republican Party establishment, who have painted themselves as outrageous hypocrites by quickly walking back all their earlier condemnations of Trump’s blatant racism and unconstitutional attacks on the press and the judiciary in their rush to secure themselves a position in the new order.

“Make sure he loses. Grit their teeth for four years and win the White House” said Will, who went on to say that Trump would be much worse than handing the presidency to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and pointed to House Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) two-faced endorsement as a deciding factor. Ryan has been walking a careful tightrope in an attempt to support the nominee without supporting his policies, revealing him to what we all knew he was – a spineless coward who has no principles but the ones his wealthy backers decide he has.

The defection from a man that the bourgeois megaphone known as the Wall Street Journal once called “perhaps the most powerful journalist in America” is a significant one; proving that there are still some on the right-wing who have enough moral fortitude to stand up to an ethnonationalist proto-fascist for the sake of political ambition, and with luck, his departure will be a signal to the rest of those still on the fence that this battle is not worth fighting.

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