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BUSTED: Experts Catch Broke Trump Lying About His Online Fundraising Haul

BUSTED: Experts Catch Broke Trump Lying About His Online Fundraising Haul

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It is no secret that presumptive Republican nominee, Donald Trump, has a habit of lying about his personal finances – and everything else – to make himself sound wealthier than he really is. After posting a meager 1.3 million in his war chest last month, he has suddenly declared that he will be raising tremendous amounts of money and making preposterous claims about how successful his campaign is at fundraising, claims that have been thoroughly debunked by digital marketing experts.

When embarrassing figures were released showing that his campaign was going into June with empty pockets while the Clinton campaign had $42 million on hand, he sent out his first email begging for donations. Now he claims that he raised over $3 million from the first email alone, and that he matched the first $2 million out of his own pocket, bringing his grand total to $5 million in a single day of fundraising. Of course, this is nothing but a smokescreen to reassure wary GOP operatives. It’s likely his supporters couldn’t care less how much money he has or hasn’t raised.

Trump’s email list has been analyzed by Return Path, a specialist firm that evaluates online campaigning, and they were not impressed with what they saw. First of all, his email list is tiny – Ted Cruz’s email database is more than 3.5x larger and he isn’t even in the race anymore. Trump’s campaign also made some rookie errors in sending the email, which led to it being caught in the spam folders of 60% of recipients. Only 12% of recipients even opened the email.

“It’s just not plausible for Trump to have raised what he claims online from one email. The Trump campaign has failed to do the basic digital organizing work, like collecting email addresses at every available opportunity. That’s meant he has an exponentially smaller list, and because he hasn’t been running a modern engagement program with the few people that are on the list, it’s likely the average list member is not very responsive to the rare asks Trump makes of them.”  said ActBlue‘s the Director of Marketing Julia Rosen.

Once again, Trump turns to grandiose lies to cover up his own ineptitude and to shield his ailing campaign from the truth. Trump is not competent enough to send effective campaign emails, much less effectively run the world’s most powerful nation. Trump supporters must see through the facade by November – Trump is not ‘great,’ he is just a pathetic man who likes to pretend that he is someone special.

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