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Watch: This New Anti-Gun Amy Schumer Skit Is So Devastating It Was Banned From TV

Watch: This New Anti-Gun Amy Schumer Skit Is So Devastating It Was Banned From TV

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In this unreleased clip from Comedy Central’s Inside Amy Schumer, Jon Benjamin plays a lawyer in a parody legal advertisement of victim compensation firms – but warns that if you call him for justice over mass shootings or gun violence, there’s nothing to be done.

“Have you been injured in a mass shooting or other gun crime? Do you want justice? Hi, I’m Toby Shrak of the law firm of Shrak and Murphy. But don’t call me, because there’s nothing I can do” intones Benjamin in his signature dry and vaguely sarcastic voice.

Originally supposed to air as part of Schumer’s episode on gun violence, it was deemed “too dark” for public consumption – until both the House and the Senate failed to act on gun violence for the umpteenth time following the horrifying massacre at the Pulse nightclub in Florida, where over fifty were slaughtered by one man with an assault rifle.  It’s a disturbing but accurate illustration of how our society is truly at the mercy of the gun lobby and the politicians they’ve bought in Congress.

Watch it here:

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