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What ISIS Just Said About Trump Should TERRIFY Every American

What ISIS Just Said About Trump Should TERRIFY Every American

Counterterrorism, intelligence, and military experts across the board warn that a Donald Trump presidency would be an utter disaster for our national security and for the battle against terrorism across the world. The jihadis of Daesh (IS/ISIS/ISIL) are expressing their support for a Donald Trump presidency across the internet, calling him the “perfect enemy” and celebrating the possibility that Trump would weaken the United States so much that they would be able to expand their “caliphate” like never before.

Some online commentators said they were praying for a Trump victory, because “Trump’s governance will be the destroyer of America and its traitor Arab allies!” Another said “I hope and I predict that the Republicans will win [the presidential election] and they will run wild. There will be a devastating war and I believe that America will collapse like the Soviet Union” said another.


The caption to this meme reads “even the American beggar knows the danger of Trump on the Americans.”

“It’s clear they find his comments, they find his demeanor, they find his approach, in some way serving the goals of ISIS in some manner, whether it be in having a ground war in Syria or weakening the United States.They believe that with the U.S. weakening down that the Caliphate will actually rise” says Laith Alkhouri, a counterterrorism analyst of the FlashPoint intelligence firm.

The jihadis want Trump to win for two reasons. First, he gives legitimacy to their propaganda and the idea that Western civilization is inherently racist against Muslims and that Islamic culture is incompatible with Western values. Secondly, they believe he will ruin American power by engaging in a wasteful and fruitless foreign war that also might bring about the “End of Days” as an added bonus.

Daesh is slowly on its way out, no matter what you might hear on FOX News or from Trump himself. Their access to Europe has largely been cut off by the Kurdish YPG’s encirclement of Manbij in northern Syria (early reports indicate that the Istanbul bombers came from Russia) and a massive 250-man convoy of Daesh fighters fleeing the Iraqi Army’s capture of Fallujah were dispatched by Iraqi airstrike last night.

But the conditions that led to their rise in the first place will continue if we pursue the Republican foreign policy of cavalier overseas military adventures or the neoliberal support for oppressive regimes in the Middle East. But one thing is clear – that unless Trump sees defeat at the ballot box, Daesh will not see defeat on the battlefield.

h/t to Talking Points Memo

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