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Jimmy Kimmel Just Exposed How Brainwashed Republicans Are About Hillary’s Emails

Jimmy Kimmel Just Exposed How Brainwashed Republicans Are About Hillary’s Emails

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Jimmy Kimmel’s amazing interviewers caught a bunch of uninformed Republicans lying about the many imaginary things Hillary Clinton is accused of doing wrong, but of course never did. Kimmel’s amazing “Lie Witness News” video exposes these casual Hillary-haters for the uninformed jerks they really are. All of them repeat right-wing lies to the camera with a straight face, claiming they saw email evidence of all sorts of implausible email scandals.

A common refrain from the dissemblers of false propaganda? Nothing these conservatives hear about Hillary Clinton “would surprise them” because they’ve been indoctrinated by Benghazi political fishing expeditions, and ignore all of the considerable evidence saying that the Democratic presidential candidate is honest, somehow Republicans think she’s the dishonest one. Politifact rates Clinton as the most honest candidate left in the race by far.

The truth about Hillary Clinton is something serious professional journalists – like the Guardian’s Jill Abramson – can tell you all about. Abramson has spent her adult professional life investigating the many non-scandals of Hillary Clinton, which in 24 years have never produced a single, credible allegation of anything unethical or illegal. She said, “This may shock you: Hillary Clinton is fundamentally honest.”

That didn’t stop Hillary Clinton’s lying Republican haters from saying on camera to Kimmel that she sent dirty jokes from Bill Cosby, emailed Trump’s favorite dictator Vladimir Putin asking for topless photos, or wasted money on too many gift baskets and all other manner of other crazy things.

Watch their shame here:

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