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Trump Busted Stealing From His Own Charity To Buy $12,000 Tebow Helmet

Trump Busted Stealing From His Own Charity To Buy $12,000 Tebow Helmet

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In the latest in a seemingly endless series of stories about Trump’s philanthropic misconduct, it appears that the narcissistic real estate mogul used $12,000 of charity money to make a personal purchase. And not just any self-indulgent luxury – he spent the money to buy a signed football helmet and jersey belonging to one-hit wonder quarterback Tim Tebow from his time with the Denver Broncos.

“The Donald giveth, and The Donald payeth. Blessed be the name of The Donald!” cried a far too effusive the Palm Beach Daily News of the purchase. Perpetually stingy, Trump was happy to accept the adulation but not so willing to actually pay with his own money. The Washington Post reports that instead, “the Susan G. Komen organization — the breast-cancer nonprofit that hosted the party — got a $12,000 payment from another nonprofit, the Donald J. Trump Foundation.” A spokeswoman for the Komen organization said Trump has never sent them any money.

A cursory examination of the Donald Trump Foundation records paints a very revealing picture of what kind of a selfish miser Trump is. Trump’s “charity” is mostly paid for by other people. Trump hadn’t donated to his own foundation for three years before the Tebow purchase; he’s only given $3.7 million total to the charity with his own name on it in total. Vince McMahon has given more money to the foundation that the cheapskate Trump has.

It will also not come as a surprise that the purchase is probably against IRS regulations, and Trump may face penalties for the purchase should the IRS ever deign to look. The reason they might not have is because the helmet is almost worthless – similar items can be purchased for under $500 online. “Tebowmania” gripped the nation after the young passer led the Broncos to a surprise playoff berth;  his stock quickly tumbled as the remarkably efficient front office of the Denver Broncos saw through the hype and traded him to the New York Jets, replacing him with arguably the greatest quarterback the game has ever seen, Peyton Manning. Tebow is currently an unsigned free agent following his release by the Philadelphia Eagles before the beginning of last season.

It just goes to show what a hollow shell his public facade truly is. His supposed history of charity really just masks his personal greed and his disdain for the well-being of others, creating a false image that hides a rotten and cruel interior. A man of such poor moral character and who is so comfortable carrying such colossal lies so easily is not a man deserving to lead our nation.

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